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Understanding The Insurance Claims Process

Your Insurance Claim

When disaster events occur such as Water, Mold, or Fire Dryzone Restoration understands your need to get your life back together as quickly as possible. Our dedicated team of professionals understands that you will be counting on us to help you get your life back in order. Your first obligation as a property owner is to protect your property from further loss.

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Dryzone Restoration will respond to your claim in a fast and efficient manner. We will strive to help you navigate through the claims process easily and effectively. We are devoted to provide you with professional claim management.

At Dryzone Restoration we recognize that this is a stressful time for you and your family. At times like this it pays to work with a firm who understands the claims process, understands your needs, and returning your property with the highest of quality as quickly as possible.


Working With DryZone

By signing our work order agreement you are giving us the direct authorization to service your property in the means of Emergency Services such as water extraction, structural drying, and dehumidification.

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In addition, if applicable you are authorizing us to perform Microbial Remediation and Restoration services.

It is very critical that all of the appropriate sections are signed. Without having the signed agreement Dryzone Restoration cannot be of service to you, and more importantly we will not be able to speak with your insurance company in resolving your claim.


Filing A Claim

Reporting a claim for your property damage is the responsibility of you the home owner. Dryzone Restoration will not be able to report the claim.

Be advised that you may want the direction of Dryzone Restoration to assist you in this process. If you desire our professional assistance please speak with our Concierge Manager.

Maria Cervera – Concierge Manager (239) 249-5836

*Your insurance company may have a preferred list of contractors, who are usually pre-qualified by your insurance company. However, you may select any contractor you wish to perform the necessary repairs.

Once a claim has been filed, a claim number will be assigned. Please be sure that you write down the claim number so it can be then given to us. Without this information we will not be able to properly process your claim.

Your insurance company will instruct you that a property claims adjuster will be in touch with you in the next 24 or 48 hours. This information may vary depending on insurance companies.

Dryzone Restoration will have one of our highly skilled Project Managers and or Production Manager Meet with the insurance adjuster to review the damages and to ensure your claim gets resolved


Assessing Damages

By now the team at Dryzone Restoration is working very hard to ensure that your property is now being handled with the utmost care.

Dryzone Restoration trained certified professional technicians will thoroughly explain the damages and provided you information on how we will be handling your claim.

Estimating the Damages

Within 24 hours of the loss you will be receiving a call from either our Production Manager or Project Manager to assist you further in the claims process.

Bryan Toon – General Manager– (239) 404-7337
Fred Maddox, Jr. - Restoration Production Manager - (941) 286-9747
Tony Cusano - Construction Estimator – (239) 450-3652

At this time we will be confirming the damages, and preparing a detailed computerized invoice for the work that is being done now and in addition a detailed computerized estimate for the repairs that is now needed.

By authorizing Dryzone Restoration to move forward with repairs a detailed computerized estimate will be provided to your insurance company. This helps to expedite the approval process thereby getting the repair work completed much sooner.

Several factors can influence the time that your claim to be settled. Depending on the severity of the loss and insurance company claims handling processes, your claim may take a few days to several months.


Claim Progression & Restoration Work

Due to the Florida Statute of 718.111(11) if your property is considered a Condominium and drywall has been damaged, it is now necessary to contact your HOA on removal and replacement of drywall. Your insurance company will not include drywall in the claim however, will include finishing the drywall. Dryzone Restoration claims management team will take the responsibility to ensure that your HOA is contacted and provide them all the necessary information.

Claim Progression

By now we have met with your insurance adjuster and all of the necessary paperwork has been submitted to your insurance company for processing.

At this time you will be informed by one of our professional staff members that Dryzone Restoration has a complete product design center that will provide you all of the materials to bring your property back to looking beautiful.

Our design center is conveniently located in Naples.

Naples Design Center Address: 3425 Radio Rd. Suite 201, Naples, FL 34104 - (239) 263-1840

Once all materials have been selected, your claim will be turned over to our Construction Management team to create a project schedule. This schedule will determine the timeline of activities.

Tony Cusano – Construction Manager – (239) 450-3652

Tony Bruno – Project Manager – (239) 821-2498

Melanie Cusano – Construction Office Manager – (239) 263-1840


Claim Completion & Payment

In many cases your insurance company will pay Dryzone Restoration directly for the work. If your name is included on the insurance check, you will be asked to endorse the check over to Dryzone Restoration when the work is complete and you are satisfied.

In some cases your mortgage company may also be included on the check. If so, your assistance will be required in the process of getting an endorsement from your mortgage company.

Maria Cervera – Concerige Manager (239) 249-5836

Dryzone Restoration would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you in trusting us to restore your property and allowing us the opportunity to work with you under these unexpected events. It gives us great pleasure that we were of assistance to you and your family.


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