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Is It Dangerous If You Find Mold in Your Crawl Space?


You may need to call the professionals if you discover mold in your home. This is because mold can harm your property and general health by causing respiratory ailments.

In crawl spaces, some of the most prevalent molds can flourish. This is due to the fact that these locations are prone to wetness and have high humidity levels, which are ideal for mold growth. 

If these molds are allowed to develop unchecked, they have the potential to invade your home and cause damage. 

Getting in touch with mold consultants is recommended to understand how to solve the problem if you suspect that your house and crawl space have a mold problem.

The sections below provide you with more information regarding this alarming home problem.

Which Mold Strains Can Develop in a Crawl Space?

When inspecting your crawl space, you should look for black, white, and yellow mold.

Stachybotrys chartarum, another name for black mold, doesn’t merely develop on your surface. Instead, it can develop indoors, including in crawl spaces. 

If this mold can spread into your home, it may infiltrate your respiratory system and cause various health problems.

Mold is frequently observed in crawl places with high humidity levels. Excessive exposure to mold can result in lung infections and other severe health risks.

The presence of mold here typically indicates the presence of moisture or air leaks that allow moisture to build up in the area. 

As you probably already know, mold thrives in wet environments and emits spores that can invade your home and infect your respiratory system. Molds are also frequently observed in houses with high humidity or flooding. 

If you notice any mold in your crawl space, you should immediately call a mold removal specialist.

What Health Problems Result from Mold?

  • Mold-Induced Asthma

Mold, like many other allergens, can cause asthma. If your home exhibits numerous indicators of mold and you have a history of asthma, there is a significant possibility that the mold will cause an asthma attack. 

If you experience breathing difficulties after entering your home, you need to examine your crawl space right once and get in touch with a mold removal specialist in Atlanta.

  • Allergic-Fungal Sinusitis

Mold can lead to sinusitis, a sinus-related ailment known as allergic-fungal sinusitis. You might also have sinus pain and irritation, which can lead to inflammation if your house or crawl space has mold.

  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Pneumonitis with hypersensitivity is a type of lung disease brought on by breathing in dust, mold, or other allergens. Mold sickness is brought on by breathing in small mold spores, which can develop and clog your lungs. 

Specific molds cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis, but it’s vital to keep in mind that many various kinds of mold can cause this condition.


Hiring a mold removal expert like DryZone is the simplest approach to getting rid of mold in your crawl space.

It is important to contact mold professionals for a consultation if you discover mold growth in your house. In this method, you can determine whether mold problems exist in your house or whether they are minor problems that you can fix.

If you’re looking for mold remediation contractors in Naples, and all of Southwest Florida, you should choose DryZone. We provide emergency water damage and disaster cleanup services. We also offer water removal, mold remediation, and fire damage cleanup. Contact us today for an expert mold remediation service.

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