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Why Should You Have Air Duct Cleaning Services Before Moving In?


A home is a pricey investment! It’s ideal if the house is in excellent condition because you’ve already had it assessed. 

The home may be new or ancient, depending on the modifications made before the big move day. You might have changed the sheetrock and walls, installed new hardwood or carpeting, or installed a new furnace. 

It’s possible that you had the good fortune to relocate to an older house that was already furnished. Because of the situation, think about your home’s ductwork, which acts as its breathing system. Spend the necessary funds to ensure that the air is unpolluted and pure.

Do not overlook checking your dryer vent! Although they may be avoided with routine maintenance, dryer fires are a significant cause of house fires. 

If your house is brand-new, you need to have air duct cleaning services. The pipe must be thoroughly cleaned if you recently purchased an older home. Lint or even a bird’s nest may build up in the vent!

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Ducts Before Purchasing A Home

Like living creatures, houses have a distinct odor all their own. Numerous things, such as frequently using the kitchen, candles, having dogs, mold, paint, or chemicals, are possible offenders. Customers looking to purchase a property might not necessarily be as concerned with the source as they are with the disposal method.

By having your ducts cleaned, you may eliminate odors, animal infestations, toxins from construction and restoration, and collected dust, debris, and cobwebs. Hiring for air duct cleaning will also improve system performance and the air you and your family breathe.

Cleaning Air Ducts & New Construction

It can be really exciting to move into a newly built home. New appliances, fresh paint on the walls and floors. 

However, a week earlier, you would have been shocked by the newly installed laminate flooring and the shelves of the closet systems your contractor had fitted. 

Both had sawdust on them and were lightly dusted with dust. The builder removes any building waste before the residents move in.

Everything in your home appears new, so they did a great job getting it in shape. Because it’s possible that all of the dust and debris from the construction process was sucked into the ducts, you could be astonished to find that your air ducts are suddenly dirty. Since your home is brand new, professionals must clean the air ducts. 

Just look at the vent registers to see whether there has been dust buildup. After all that sawing and sanding, dust is discharged into the air, drawn into the return vents, and circulated each time the HVAC system operates.

To provide the air duct cleaning professionals easy access to all the vents, it is recommended to schedule an air duct cleaning system before moving into the newly constructed home. 

A tiny amount of dust might also be blown into the living room, depending on the tools they use and how much dust is in the vents. It is considerably simpler to clean the vents in the house while no one is home. Thus, every NADCA-certified cleaner uses a method that works for them. 

In addition, if you have hearing problems, the air pressure device can be excessively loud and uncomfortable for you to be close to.


There are many reasons you should have your air ducts cleaned by the pros. First, it will improve the air quality in your home. Second, it will reduce the dust and other particles in your home. Third, it will help to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Finally, it can help to extend the life of your HVAC system.

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