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4 Effective Ways of Cleaning Your Property after Fire Damage


Around 1,388,500 reported fires in the United States in 2020, which caused approximately $21.9 billion in property damage. The amount of property damage was up from the previous year’s figure of $14.8 billion.

It is unfortunate if you experience a fire on your property, and authorities and experts continue to encourage property owners to follow fire prevention protocols for their safety. If you experience one, you should understand how to clean up after a fire. It’s important to understand fire safety, especially during dry weather, when flames are more likely to start.

The types of damage you can experience in the case of a fire can also include smoke damage and water damage. Here are four ways of cleaning after fire damage:

1. Remove Personal Belongings

As soon as you feel it is safe to return to your home, it is important to remove your valuables from the fire site as quickly as possible. Use caution to avoid accidentally stepping on, and damaging, any evidence that may be on the floor in your home. This includes any broken glass, source of fire or explosion, and the like.

Fire damage restoration companies can help you remove everything, including any burnt and damaged furniture, clothing, or other property. It is best to leave it to the experts to salvage your items for your family’s utmost safety.

2. Clean Up the Contents of Your Home

Once you have removed all of your personal belongings, you can begin to clean up the contents of your home. This will involve cleaning the walls and floors. You will also want to clean your bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathroom, and any other home area where the fire caused permanent damage.

Removing any soot or smoke from your ceiling, walls, and floor is important. If you choose to use a carpet shampooer, use a cleaning solution appropriate for smoke and soot removal. Again, if this is too overwhelming for you, you can contact the assistance of fire damage companies to coordinate any post-fire cleaning services you need.

3. Protect Yourself From Infection

Bacterial infections can also occur after fires. As soon as you can do so, you will want to clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

You should also wash your clothing immediately after the fire. If you have any cuts or scrapes, you should clean them immediately. Watch out for any areas on your skin that may be damaged by flying debris or heat.

If your feet have wounds or open cuts while exposed to soot or smoke, you should check them every few hours. If they begin to look red or swollen, you will want to contact a doctor. The wound may become infected after a fire.

4. Call Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

While you may be able to clean up certain areas of your home after a fire, you may need to call a professional fire damage restoration team. Hiring professionals will help ensure that your fire damage is cleaned up thoroughly.

If you need to determine if professional fire damage restoration is necessary, you should review the fire damage restoration checklist. This checklist aims to help you determine if your fire damage restoration job is small enough to handle on your own.

Your insurance adjuster may require you to stay out of your home for a few days. In addition, be prepared to stay somewhere else while your home is being repaired until you can move back home again. 


There is much more to cleaning up after a fire than tossing some water on a wall and calling it a day. Cleaning a fire-damaged region involves a significant amount of danger. You can leave the fire damage restoration to the professionals, especially if you cannot clean your home yourself. 

If you’re looking for fire damage companies in Naples, contact DryZone. Contact us today, and we’ll get your home or business back in shape quickly. 

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