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How Quickly Can Water Damage Destroy Your Property


Water damage has a quicker destructive power than you might imagine. The most important thing is to find the source of the leak and halt any more water leaks, whether you have a leaking pipe or a flooded basement.

Within 24 hours of a leak or flood, structural issues, mold growth, and damage to floors, walls, and electrics can occur.

You can learn more about the damaging effects of water damage in the following paragraphs.

How Concerning Is Water Damage?

The repercussions of water damage are numerous and severe. First is the actual water damage, which wreaks havoc on furnishings, building materials, appliances, fixtures, and electronics in particular as it sits and pools.

Also, mold grows well in environments with water damage and is dangerous when the moisture is concealed behind walls and in other hard-to-reach places.

Water damage can cause health problems since standing water frequently contains a variety of germs and bacteria, depending on where the water came from.

How Fast Does Water Damage Advance?

Even a tiny leak that seems unimportant might cause problems. Water quickly penetrates floors, walls, soft furnishings, and other surfaces.

During the Initial 24 Hours

A leak or flood will saturate everything nearby as it expands. This implies that personal items like books and photos can immediately swell and deform irreparably. Walls and floors will start to absorb the water, and soft furniture like upholstery will start to soak through.

Wooden doors, window frames, furnishings, drywall, and furniture can all swell. Additionally, paint and wallpaper can affect electrical systems and peel or blister.

During the Initial Week

The water damage will worsen after that first day. Mold has a high potential for rapid spread, making the area a biohazard. Wood surfaces and walls sustain more damage, while metal surfaces may begin to corrode.

Beyond a Week

If water damage is ignored for longer than a week, more time, money, and effort will be required for any repair work. Mold growth accelerates quickly, and the dangers of structural damage increase.

What Amount of Water Is Necessary to Damage Something?

Although it is necessary for life, the various items in your house do not all require water. Damage can be done with relatively little water. However, a lot will depend on the places that are affected.

For instance, any quantity of pooling water that is allowed to linger for a day or so damages hardwood floors, causing buckling boards and other repair concerns. Although there are methods to dry out drywall, replacement is required if the components still contain more than 1 percent moisture.

Even with minor water damage, mold begins to form within 24 hours of moisture being introduced into the air.

What Should You Do When Water Damage Occurs?

There are certain urgent practical and safety considerations during a flood or significant leak. Here are the initial steps to take.

Keep your children out of the house, especially if the damage is severe. Collect any valuables within reach and attempt to stop the leak by addressing the root cause.

If the breaker box is situated in a dry area of the house, turn it off. Avoid accessing the breaker box if it is even remotely close to water damage to prevent electric shock.

If it is wet or near water, contact the utility company and request to shut it down from their end. Ask them to send someone out if that isn’t possible.


As soon as possible, get in touch with your insurance provider and be upfront about the water damage and cause. Wait for experts to arrive if the water damage resulted from a backed-up sewer or if the water is gray or black because doing so poses a major biohazard danger.

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