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Mold Inside and On the Walls – Causes, Signs, and Removal


It’s critical to act right away if you discover any mold in your home. Mold can harm your property and result in serious health issues.

So, what are the telltale indications of mold in walls? Do you also understand how to remove mold from walls? Keep reading to learn this and where to find mold inspection in Fort Myers, and much more!

What Causes Mold on Walls?

If the conditions are right for survival, mold will grow quickly inside the walls of your house. Many factors can cause mold to grow in walls, but the most frequent ones are water leaks, high humidity, and condensation. Here is more information on that.

Ventilation Problems 

Insufficient ventilation can accumulate moisture and humidity in your basement and walls. Additionally, a high rate of condensation inside walls is caused by inadequate ventilation. Mold will spread quickly in these conditions because it can begin growing in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

A High Level of Air Humidity

If too much humidity is in the air, it will feel damp. Between 55% and 60% humidity creates a lot of stagnant, moist air that easily leaks into the walls, promoting the development of hidden mold. This is quite common during the summer.

Water Leaks

If water seeps into the interior spaces of your walls, mold will start to grow there. For instance, plumbing leaks will increase the levels of moisture and dampness inside your walls, increasing mold growth and spread.

Flooding and Swamping

Mold thrives wildly in places where there have been numerous floods. Your home may need several days or weeks to dry out completely after the rain. Your walls absorb a lot of water in the interim, and the humidity creates the ideal environment for mold to flourish.

What Distinguishes Mold on Walls From Mold in Walls?

The main differences between mold inside walls and mold on walls are their locations and visibility. Black spots and other telltale mold stains are very noticeable on walls. However, if you notice mold symptoms on your walls, this usually indicates more serious mold growth inside exterior walls. Many people find it difficult to detect mold inside walls.

What Signs Point to Mold in Walls?

How can you tell if there is mold in your walls? When you suspect mold in walls, the symptoms will reveal whether there is mold or something else. 

But before that, physically check your interior space for mold and note any possible causes. You should also seek a mold inspector in Florida to check in hard-to-reach areas. 

Testing For Mold Inside Walls

If mold is inside your walls, it will be discovered through a physical and internal inspection. Look for water damage or visible mold growth.

Additionally, check the insulation, attic, and surrounding areas for mold growth inside the walls. Electrical outlets and air conditioners may contain mold that has possibly spread to the walls if you smell mustiness coming from them. The equipment used to measure temperature and humidity will dispel any uncertainties.

Mold Development Indicators

Finding roof and pipe leaks may take some time, giving the mold plenty of time to grow. Mold growth inside walls can be seen in the following ways:

It smells like old, water-infested wood and will always have a musty odor if it is present inside of a wall. Usually, the smell is restricted to a specific area and lasts until the mold is removed.

Wall discoloration: Keep an eye out for off-color walls. Mold causes black, yellow-green, or brown stains on walls. Your walls may now have cracks, peels, or bubbles along with the discoloration.

Watermarks: Water-related wall stains could also be a sign of mold. It reveals too much moisture in the walls, which encourages mold to grow quickly.


You should keep an eye out for mold in your home because it can seriously harm your health. Before getting rid of it, you can take a few steps to confirm if you have mold in your walls. Find the source of the moisture that causes the mold first. After that, you can dry out the area and clean it with a bleach solution. You might need to hire mold inspection services if the mold is widespread.

Get disaster cleanup and emergency water damage services in Naples with DryZone. We provide fire damage cleanup, mold remediation, and water removal. If you need mold inspection services, contact us! 

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