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Fire Damage 101: What Smoke Can Do to Your Belongings


It is no secret that smoke causes property damage. Fires that spread quickly have a higher risk of causing damage to your home and property. The fire chars and eats away at the materials and structures. 

Given the extent of the devastation inflicted by the fire, the fact that it was eventually extinguished is a source of comfort. Even if the fire had been out, there was still damage due to the smoke created by incomplete combustion flames. The combustion process is terminated by the lack of oxygen, but leaves devastation to homes and belongings.

Read on to discover what smoke can do to your belongings and how to clean them today.

Understanding The Severity of Smoke Damage

The kind and severity of fire damage are directly related to their respective temperatures. Depending on the severity of the damage, some of your possessions may be salvageable. 

Some smoke-damaged items can be cleaned fairly quickly, while others may be irreversibly damaged within a few hours. Meanwhile, smoke damage that is not treated can sometimes be irreparable. As a result, fixing the fire damage must be a top priority.

Smoke Damage in Your Home and to Your Belongings

Smoke damage is a big concern because the smell of smoke can linger for months. Smoke particles as small as a grain of sand have the ability to become trapped in gaps and cracks. It’s possible that these patches will go unseen, allowing the odor to persist until it can be removed.

As a result, adequate ventilation is critical for indoor air quality in your home. To completely eliminate the stink, the smoke particles must be removed. It may be beneficial to employ odor-removing agents. Particles extend the life of aroma. The majority of this consists of particles suspended in the air. Wiping down surfaces is the most effective approach to eradicating smoke odors.

  • The Hardwood Flooring

Because of its porous structure, hardwood flooring is extremely effective at absorbing smoke. Because these particles will become ingrained in the substance, they will be difficult to remove. Minor damage can be repaired by mopping and deodorizing. If the damage is severe, the hardwood flooring must be repaired or replaced.

  • The Wooden Furnishings

Smoke damage to hardwood furniture is far more difficult to remove if it has been stained or varnished. Use the right cleaning chemical to avoid the stain flaking off of these things. It is essential to seek the assistance of a professional specialist while cleaning hardwood furniture.

  • The Curtains and Upholstery

Because smoke particles are entrenched in them, curtains and upholstery will be destroyed. Remove these particles by using the proper tools and operating techniques. When smoke particles are present, vacuuming draperies and upholstery is not an option. It is possible that forcing particles deeper into a substance can exacerbate smoke damage.

  • The Bedding and Wardrobe

Clothing and bedding stored in closets and drawers are vulnerable to smoke damage. The smell of smoke has an effect on these materials. Smoke particles, due to their small size, can permeate your clothing through even the smallest pores and fissures, especially in congested places.

To get rid of the odor, all of the unburned chemicals must be removed. On occasion, all that is required is a washing machine. When confronted with harsher aromas, cleaners and cleaning chemicals may need to be more complex.

  • The Metals

Smoke, if allowed to stay for an extended period of time, can corrode and damage important kitchen appliances. On metal surfaces, cooking oil stops this from happening.


Indeed, fires require rapid intervention. This includes requesting assistance in extinguishing the fire, cleaning up the smoke, and restoring the damage. If the harm produced is not addressed immediately, it may become permanent. As a result, it is suggested that the fire damage be rectified by a professional.

Restoration services are capable of correcting any damage caused by smoke and fire. Immediate pre-cleaning during the treatment of fire and smoke damage helps prevent smoke damage from becoming permanent. Following that, professionals will clean and repair your possessions and property.

Are you in need of fire damage restoration services in Marco Island? DryZone is here to be on your side after a devastating fire accident. Please call us at (239) 360-5207 today!

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