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How Fire Continues Damaging Your Home After Its Extinguished

Fire damaged kitchen

Fire damage can be devastating to a home and its belongings. If the clean-up process is not done swiftly and correctly, it can cause further damage. This blog will discuss why you should act quickly to take care of fire damage in your home and how professional help can get the job done right.

How Soot Can Cause Further Damage

After a fire, soot is the most common type of damage left behind. Soot is comprised of tiny pieces of carbon created when something burns and combusts. This black dust can coat walls, furniture, and other surfaces in your home after the fire. As time passes, soot will become more challenging to remove as it bonds with porous surfaces in your home or is covered in oil or grease.

Additionally, soot and smoke particles will begin to make their way into your home’s HVAC system through the air ducts. When this happens, it will make the air inside your home harmful to breathe, drastically decreasing indoor air quality.

Furthermore, the buildup of soot particles will build up inside the system and ducts, causing your air conditioner to work harder, drastically decreasing its lifespan.

How Humidity and Moisture Increases Soot Damage

Adding to this issue is that humidity causes soot particles to become even more acidic than usual. In homes with high humidity levels, soot residue will be especially corrosive and increase the chances of long-term damage if not cleaned up promptly with specialized cleaning agents applied by experts in the field. With this knowledge in mind, it’s easy to see why prompt action after a fire is vital in protecting your walls and possessions from further harm.

Why Professional Help Is Vital after a Fire

Cleaning up after a fire requires specialized equipment used by experienced professionals trained in handling these delicate tasks. From removing charred items from your yard or house to properly cleaning delicate items such as paintings or electronics damaged during the blaze, professional cleaners understand how best to proceed with their work while minimizing any further destruction caused by soot or smoke residue.

If a fire has damaged your home, don’t hesitate to call for backup! At DryZone, our trained professionals have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to salvage and return your home to its former glory. Contact us online or give us a call today. (239) 360-5207
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